About this Blog

The term "Digital Transformation" is a new phenomenon that has spread virally since 2016 and has since attracted much attention - not only in the IT trade press and in business, but also in society. But what is really new and how does the digital transformation affect the economy, people and society? What is certain is that their accelerated development, driven by massive data streams and software-based algorithms, has the potential to significantly change the way we work and live in the near future.
The blog aims to analyze, evaluate and stimulate the situation of digital transformation in order to approach it in a prudent and successful manner. I look forward to your feedback and fruitful discussions.

Peter J. Kirschbauer
76275 Ettlingen, Germany
About me

As a self-employed and independent management consultant I deal with strategy, management, business processes and IT, as well as implementation design in the context of digital transformation. In 35 years of professional experience in all areas and levels of the software industry - internationally and across different industries - the application benefits and added value of the use of IT have always been in the foreground for me. This experience is all the more important in times when new digital technology becomes even more the driver of change.